the stories in the trees


There is a story in every tree,

Tales of mighty winds,

Burning sensations in the hot sun,

The coolness of an abundant outpour of rain,

The story,

Of living,

In a land evolving,

Of animals almost extinct,

Families of birds,

Can you hear,

Stories people told below them,

Can you see,

Witnessing events surrounding,

Can you feel,

The loyalty-forever standing tall,

The relentless duty to mother nature…

celebrating passion

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Today I am celebrating my passions! Yaay!

I was listening to countdown magazine to a song (greater- Mercy Me) that was pushing my buttons of happiness, travelling and adventure and they were going all the way! Why on did they chose on the day I am just dead broke? 🙂  #Lordknows

Today a fire to sail just exploded on me! boat2 yikes! Continue reading

feisty sweet


I confess I have told lots on my kitty and this piece is no different, I guess having a pet and watching it grow is quite an experience.

My kitty just turned 2 years last Christmas. Since we couldn’t go all out and have a real cake, we made sure there was a generous supply of meat and milk. It was quite a funny scene to watch it puff up.

sleepy kitty

The most funny and surprising thing about all cats is that, they will eat to their full, then a few hours  later come to you with their sweet faces and ‘meow’ as if they have had nothing all morning.

The one thing I really love about my kitty is that, one minute, we are all mushy and literally the next its all claws out determined to leave marks on my body- feisty sweet.

On the flipside I am more swift, alert and sharper thanks to my kitty.

Clutched together…


Happiness hits my whole being as I reflect on my 2014.

I must say, I am so excited! This is because, this has been an year walking with God, He has walked with me, so close, step by step and it’s like I am realizing this as the year ends and I never thought I would get here.

I must say that my year started vague, it is very rare for me to not remember at least a highlight from early in my year.

The river of life is one of the most important highlights of my year which is so important to my life. As I drew it up deep in the heart of Laikipia-my place of peace, it began a profound healing process in my life. This is a concept which was introduced to me by a mentor- Mrs. Warigia Hinga, she presented it so candidly, passionately and effectively that it opened a doorway of self discovery in my life, I never thought possible.


On 27-08-2014, I had the most beautiful day with the sunset. I have had many beautiful sunsets this year, especially one that God used to speak volumes to my life but there’s something about this day that got to the window of my soul. I thank God for these moments.

I have had the happiest days yet with my family, I cannot remember an year we have laughed so hard, talked so deeply and been so connected. I thank God for these blessings.

A shout out to my dad, for proving to be the strongest man I know, for being relentlessly passionate for the work of God and for being a great father. I remember a time I was so discouraged that things were not working out for a project I began and when I sighed one day that I wasn’t going to make it, he told me, “Nancy, don’t say that, God is with you and things are going to work together for good” Well, this might have been a usual encouragement line, but there was something about the way only a daddy could say it, let’s just say, it got my heart back.

I had the most beautiful birthday this year, it was a beautiful Sunday, the sun was out, there was such a peace in my heart and I swear God was smiling! I was surrounded by the amazing warmth of friends and priceless smiles and gifts only family could give.

God brought beautiful chances and surprises! I got to live my mission through serving great Visions! When God clarified to me my mission in life, I thought, yeah right, this is just one of those change the world stuff but when I remember how once I had a near death experience, I can never deny how it felt feeling unfinished, so I trusted God for the opportunity and He made me brave for the challenges, through Him I reached out and changed lives. He truly makes all things beautiful.

This year, I have had those moments that I have been wowed and awed at long time friends who have stuck it out. Every time I was catching up with a friend this year, there was a sense of growth, appreciation and fulfillment- many many smiles on my heart.

The best sermon this year was “Perception and Expectation” by my very own daddy. I remember that bitter cold Sunday morning when he stood to give the morning devotion, it’s like he was removing some cover over our eyes and I was left forever changed, very powerful message.

I have also had a fair share of setbacks this year, some derailing and some heavy. I remember having to walk out on a job opportunity twice because deep down I knew I had to stay true to my mission. God is amazing because He divinely placed people, moments and chances in my path to help me through and the end of it all, He rewarded me with the most perfect job, totally in line with my mission, an amazing director- an out of this world leader I am looking forward to learn from! I always wipe tears from my face, I wasn’t crazy, I stuck to my heart, My God truly rewards crazy faith!

On the flip side I have read quite the collection of books this year my 3 all time favourite have been; ‘The Alchemist-Paul Coehlo’, ‘Decision Points- George W. Bush’ and ‘Wild at Heart- John Eldredge’.

Preachers of LA has been one of those out of this world reality TV I never thought preachers could pull off. When it is all said and done, the one thing that stuck with me is how these men of God reach out to people in the most profound ways, how God has changed their lives and how He dynamically comes out through them.

One big thing that stood out for me, which was so unexpected and so important to my heart is how God has walked with me. I always prayed to get to know God, like be interested and eager to know Him like a friend, have time for Him and learn from Him, I thought it was kind of far-fetched but at the end of this year, when I was drawing up my river of life, He began to show me highlights and moments in the year He spoke to me, been there, came through and the lessons.

God has been my biggest highlight, He has brought beautiful surprises, inspired sermons that matched a need in my life, the 3D love story, beautiful sunsets, travels, changing lives by using me, the sermon by Joel Osteen ‘Finishing Grace’, through opportunities, through my mentors, through moments of happiness with family and friends.

Throughout the year, I have crawled, I have ran, I have walked, my eyes have fought to look ahead. I wonder how I made it, I wonder how I never gave up, I wonder how I reached this place, I never thought I could see this day, Sometimes I thought I was alone, as I look back, I can see the footprints of 2014, there was 2 of us, all this time, His hand was clutched in mine, walking with me.

As I smile at the year ending, I think of Lenny Leblanc’s song,“ You have been so good, You have been so good to me….” This is my most heartfelt song to my God.

As I ponder on the lessons and the future, the words of the late Dr. Myles Munroe are engraved in my heart, “when you die, die empty”


written with love and passion

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leaving dock… (untold stories of 2014)


There is a lovely boat swaying back and forth on dock. We have rocked on for a few years now. We have set sail, journeys wild and free.

I remember like it was the first time, the joy of new discoveries, explorations, of living, of growing of becoming.boat

We have had our fair share of joys, pains, memories, disappointments and celebrations.

It is time to pull out the anchor and let the boat out to sea.

You can’t capture moments you’ve had in a photo-up or packaged news in a blog/tweet/status update.moments

Those moments live deeply engraved in my heart.

My part is to cherish the beauty of the good, acknowledge and learn from the ugly and live to celebrate the moments.



Written with love and passion.

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the 3D Love Story (untold stories of 2014)


It was one of those usual beautiful Sundays, I had decided to set my heart to be open and perceive what God wanted to lay in my heart.

I say usual because isn’t it funny when you are determined to seek the right things especially in your heart, there is always some kind of distraction.

I remember, just when I was putting my phone on silent mode, there were phone calls and texts from old friends asking to make plans to catch-up (why couldn’t they call during the week and chose an odd Sunday morning?), suddenly there was a cute child in church who had a relentless interest to sit on my lap (who would refuse moments with a cute child? Not me!), then my thoughts triggered memories here and there, I sat, smiling, Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Late Dr. Myles Munroe


The late Dr. Myles Munroe seemed to me, a man, wise, with clear cut thoughts, very clever arguments, sticking so firmly to what he believed and disseminating his convictions in a way to win over his dynamic listeners.

His history is fascinating, a story of yet another man who beat great odds and reached on the other side with a worldwide oomph.

One gripping thing about him was that, every time he gave a talk, you couldn’t resist grabbing a pen or a touch of a phone/tablet screen for us who didn’t have books sometimes and take down the very important note to selfs’. You couldn’t afford to miss a word, because of his very uniquely compelling thoughts, I can never remember a talk I didn’t hang on his every word.

The 5 out of his 69 books I read were well thought out, giving an edge of a very qualified, experienced and educated man and yet his wisdom came from his source, God. I remember the first time I started thinking of a vision, mission and goals in my life started from reading one of his books. Thanks to his very compelling ideas, I started the journey to discovering my Vision in life.

myles n jeff

It is however the conversation that he had with Senior Journalist Jeff Koinange on Jeff Koinange Live that will forever be engraved on my heart and mind.

He said, “When you die, die empty.” “My goal in life is to make sure people die empty.”
When he began the conversation on the grave, how people have died with songs never heard or written, businesses never started, books never written, stories never told, paintings/sculptures never created, ideas never shared, among others; this gave me quite the throw back.

I believe each person was created with diverse gifts, talents and ideas. I was caught up to believe to only take up one good thing I was good at, until this great man of God talked of dying empty.


I had put off writing for a while, imagined I’d wait for my mid 30s to write a book, thought I’d wait until I would ideally go to painting school among waiting for some plan to explore many other passions I have. This was all a ploy to go to the grave with things I never shared with the world.

So, I made a decision, that I too, will rob the grave, I sat down and made a list, of all my gifts, passions and talents and made a decision to explore and savor them, to share them with the world, to hold nothing back, to go out and see the world when I could, to laugh and live and love all I could and when my time comes, I will go to the grave empty.
May all the seeds he planted in people’s lives, grow to the glory of God,

I can’t wait to find him in paradise, shake his hand and say thank you, for leaving with such powerful life changing lessons.


Rest in Paradise Dr. Myles Munroe.

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under my skin

There is something,


Under my skin,

Over my head,

Before my eyes,

Beating in my heart,

Running through my veins,

Enlightening my spirit,

Burning in my mouth,

On my shoulders,

Consuming my body,

It is undeniable,

It is relentless,

It is gravity, pulling me towards it,

It is shameless,

It is beyond me,

It is above me,

It has such a reckless abandon,

It is more than the adrenaline rush,

It is more than an ecstasy,

It is more than a light bulb moment,

I can’t get it out of my head,

I can’t talk myself out of it,

I can’t scratch it out of my skin,

I can’t bleed it dry,

No obstacle can flatten its spirit,

No weather can stop it,

No mountain too high to climb,

No river too deep to cross,

No sea too powerful to smash,

No waterfall too high to free fall,

The Vision is eternal,

The mission is an undeniable,

Tireless, fierce,

Eating away, burning through, crawling,

I can’t escape, run, change my identity or hide..

On its path are,

Out of this world friends,

A Thrill of loves,

Diverse opportunities,

Extreme adventures!

i always thought i’d get a sane package of life! instead, i got the complete opposite and i LOVE it!

Praise be to my Rock!


Reaffirmness in Faithfulness


My heart searched for peace,

The peace that comes with knowing I was on the right path,

My soul groaned to be one with what my Creator has kept for me,

Why does God seem mysterious in such important turns of life?

For the first time in my life, I felt desperate,

All because in the calm waiting, I felt that my years had caught up with me (haha what would a 40 plus yr old say?),

In the desperate moment, the truths began to surface,

What do I value more? Money? Or purpose?

The river of tears reaffirmed my value on purpose,

In walking away…

Were the defining moments… Continue reading

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